Universal Light Technology™ Sacred Geometry Structures

Sacred Geometry Structure of Zero This is the transmission of the void space – the space of unlimited potential, which helps anchor where all creation begins in our conscious awareness.

Sacred Geometry Structure of One This is the transmission of an individual’s soul signature frequency (aka SSF), while still held within source frequency. Before birth, so to speak. This is the structure of wholeness within the SSF. It is the reminder that we are source light. This is a reminder to our entire system that we are created from a unique vibration of vital life force energy.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Two This is the transmission of the SSF as it first separates into two. It allows the receiver to harmonize all aspects of yin and yang and to be reminded that we are still sovereign beings even within duality.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Three This is the transmission that aligns the expansion of the expressions of creative force that are birthed from the two with the SSF. It also harmonizes the astral body with the three energy centers of head, heart and hara.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Four This is the transmission of structure and of aligning energetic structures with SSF. It reminds us of our foundation as soul, operating within and thru our humanity.  

Sacred Geometry Structure of Five This is the transmission that aligns the energy of change, magic, and transformation with the SSF. It reminds us that we are inherently magical forces of nature.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Six This transmission aligns the SSF with the as above so below principle. It also brings harmony of the inner world with the outer world. It reminds us of the state of health that is inherent in all beings.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Seven This transmission aligns the SSF with the colors of the rainbow, rainbow and the etheric bodies, and 7 chakras. It is the transmission of heavenly and earthly perfection, unified in human form.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Eight This transmission aligns SSF with all things infinite. Infinite love, abundance, joy, etc. It is the structure of miracles.

Sacred Geometry Structure of Nine This is a transmission to help people move into their next level self by closing the door on the old patterns. This is the transmission of completion and aligns the SSF with the higher mind.

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