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My Vision

My vision for the world is peace.  Ever since I was a little girl I prayed each night, first for World Peace then for my family and then for myself.  Through all my training I’ve learned peace starts inside our nervous system, inside are emotions and our beliefs. I personally have not taken a medication in over 13 years,  I use my mind and meditation to heal and I pray that others will learn this too. I connect daily with my soul through deep meditation in cultivation of my life force to nurture and nourish myself and I share this nourishment with my clients.

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Sonya is an exceptional combination of business expertise, intuition and healing wisdom. Her life of intuitively healing herself and the foundation of her work with others began at age 9 when she cracked her tailbone from a fall on the playground bars. The multiple family challenges of deaths and divorces along with another series of accident when she was in her teens have resulted in a lifelong path of exploring and learning multiple healing modalities. 

Sonya’s knowledge base includes both experiential and educational with 27 years of income tax preparation and accounting services, mothering 4 children and licence and certifications in Bio-Energetics, Massage Therapy, Body Psychology, Soul’s Money Language and Universal Light Technologies.  Each time she pursued a new method, deeper healing occurred for her and helped her transmute the pain in her body as well as heal the emotional wounds of her childhood.  

After years of supporting individuals to heal their money, mind, and body, she now brings that depth and scope of healing knowledge to business owners and leaders.

When we are out of harmony within ourselves what we create can shift out of balance and require support to re-align for our optimal well-being and financial success. Sonya offers an avenue for individuals and companies to move from inertia (lack of business, sales and growth) to expansion and exponential growth.

Sonya has the ability to discern where a company’s or individual’s vision, visibility and velocity are out of sync which in turn causes sales to stall, generates brand disloyalty and results in a company whose message is unclear to the world.   

With her program Vision, Visibility and Velocity, Sonya takes individuals and thier companies through an intuitive and energetic process to reconnect to and better understand their mission, create a new position in the marketplace, and increase growth and sales.

This former accountant clearly recognizes and understands where things don’t add up on an energetic and tangible level.  She is then able to help shift that individules that make up a company into harmony once again so the business can serve and be served.  Her clients’ experience of their businesses prior to collaborating with her has been a feeling and experience of just missing the mark in their lives and businesses.  After working with Sonya, these companies experience a stronger understanding of the structures needed for a business which is here to be big in the world. This new way of doing business consciously allows the companies and individuals that Sonya works with to be successful on a personal and global level. She understands how to nurture an individual and company, so they develop fully and flourish, and she does this by utilizing both energetics and her innate business savvy.  

With more than 33 years of successful business and entrepreneurial foundations, combined with her wellness expertise, Sonya is truly a powerful success resource for any business owner. 

Sonya is also sharing this message of applying consciousness in business to build vision, visibility and velocity on stages across the country. She helps her audiences understand how they can begin to communicate clearly with themselves today so they can communicate clearly with the world as they expand and exponentially grow.  


Connecting client to thier highest personal and perfessional vision.


Clearing out the interferances that blocks impact and visability.


Clients experience new levels of business velocity and growth.

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